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Service Delivery

You have various clear plans for the future, on a long and a short term. And for each of those decisions you will get in touch with various parties. They will deliver you services or financial products to realize your plans.

Reijn&partners will provide you customized advice and will guide you to realize all your plans. First of all we will share with you, by means of a clear report, your current financial situation. Thats our starting point. Next, we will turn your plans into a phased financial project. We always go for a critical approach. Dont you downplay yourself and where are the risks? Whereby the final objective will always be the proper realization of your plans.
Our elaborate network also allows us to actually execute the advice. We have the knowledge and experience within the various financial areas. Besides, we are continuously aligning our plan with the different parties. This results in a better result for yourself and less fuss and bother.
We are happy to invite you for a personal discussion, with striking examples, to explain you the exact way forward. We offer you a customized service delivery. You are in the lead and you set the boundaries. We will also clearly inform you about the rates for our advice and guidance. Nevertheless, our first introductory meeting is free of charge